General information

The CentroCredit Bank was established in 1989. In 1991, the Bank obtained the Central Bank of Russian Federation General License № 121.

The CentroCredit Bank is operating and actively developing as a universal customer-oriented bank laying special emphasis on the investment banking; therefore much attention is given to the diversification of the services provided and to the establishment of the up-to-date infrastructure necessary for the successful business.

CentroCredit Bank is a member of The Association "Russia" (Banks’ Association RUSSIA), National Currency Association, National Finance Association. It is also a member of the Public Joint-Stock Company "SAINT PETERSBURG EXCHANGE", Stock company Saint-Petersburg Currency Exchange, a shareholder of Public Joint-Stock Company Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS and a member of the stock market, currency and futures market sections of the "Moscow Exchange" (MOEX).

The existence of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russian Federation (FCSM) Licenses to perform all the types of business at the stock market shall enable the CentroCredit Bank to provide comprehensive services at the Russian stock market to a broader circle of customers, foreign investors included.

The CentroCredit Bank offers its customers a full line of the cash and settlement and investment services. We are striving to establish an individual approach and firm relationship with each customer, meeting the highest professional standards. We possess all the requisites for being financial advisors and trading intermediaries for our customers.

The CentroCredit prepares its financial statements in accordance with the Russian and the International standards. Its Auditor in 1999-2002 was the KPMG company, in 2003-2014 - "Deloittе&Touche", and since 2015 - "Ernst&Young" ranking among the world's major and most authoritative auditing companies.

FATCA registration:
GIIN № QUAPJW.99999.SL.643.
LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) 253400ES6B5GGK2A4506

As of Jan 11, 2019 the following shareholders owned the shares of the Bank:

LLC "Trial" 13.81%
Tarasov Andrey 11.96%
Korbashov Ilya 9.96%
Others (each less than 5%) 0.04%

Ultimate owners are:

Tarasov Andrey more than 80%
Korbashov Ilya more than 18%
All other less than 1%